con domicilio social a efecto de noticificaciones legales

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    ¿Cömo se diría en un contrato con domicilio social a efecto de notificaciones legales?
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    ¿Qué tipo de contrato? ¿Puedes darnos más contexto y una oración completa, por favor?
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    registered address. Every corporation has a registered agent and a registered address for receipt of service, which it files at the time of its incorporation, and these are the functional equivalent of the domicilio social a efecto de notificaciones legales. This may be translated simply as "address for receipt of service."

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    Hi there, this is how I have translated this before:
    "domicilio social a efecto de notificaciones legales" = registered office

    registered office. Definition:
    Under the UK corporate law, the legal address (which may not be the office address) of a firm that is entered in the official register of the registrar of companies, and to which all government and court communication is addressed. The location of this office must be in the jurisdiction in which the firm is registered, and any change in its address must be notified to the registrar within a specified period.



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