1. crescendo New Member

    could somebody explain the meaning of this phrase?
    algien puede explicar que significa lo?
  2. Sr. Moose

    Sr. Moose Banned

    Frostbite Falls, Alces and English
    to have guts/courage/daring/arrojo/audacia
  3. frangs Senior Member

    Spanish Spain
    It is an expression used usually alone as "¡Con dos cojones!" but you can use it also inside a sentence.
    And you can say it when someone suceeds in achieving a goal normally because of his/her tenacity, courage, struggle, etc.. You can use it also in any situation when someone suceeds and you find it funny, surprising, etc.. Very general.
  4. ryoppei New Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    In spain also you can heard "Ole tus huevos", that have the same meaning. "Ole" y the same word that is used in bullfighting, very spanish. In addicion, the two phrases are very vulgar, also very popular
  5. Krc

    Krc New Member

    España (español)
    La frase correcta seria: ¿Alguien me puede explicar lo que significa?
  6. edval

    edval Senior Member

    Si quieres una traducción correcta aunque "soft":

    "Sin miedo" (Fearless No Fear)

    Un abrazo,

  7. Cojones33 New Member

    English - Spanish
    OK, all of above is more or less the meaning and also could add: Con dos cojones translates 'With two balls' Balls meaning Nuts or Testicles. As in other word, "Show them you got Balls" or "No Balls No Glory" So if your planning something big like making the World a better place well con dos cojones and it could be done. OLe
  8. 3l1kl0X

    3l1kl0X Senior Member

    Castellano - España
    It could mean..

    You're (sb is) so brave! (which is good)

    How come he did that!?(which is bad)
    For example for this one:
    Someone owes me 140$ and ask me for another 30$ more..con dos cojones! Or someone says really bad things about me without my knowledge (is this expression correct?) and later he praises at me.. con dos cojones..

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