Con ese temblor que da el continuado afán de búsqueda

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    "La mano de José Claudio empezó a moverse, tanteando el sofá. "¿Qué buscás?", preguntó ella. "El encendedor." "A tu derecha." La mano corrigió el rumbo y halló el encendedor. Con ese temblor que da el continuado afán de búsqueda, el pulgar hizo girar varias veces la ruedita, pero la llama no apareció."

    Is there anyone who could please translate for me the clause of this paragraph which I put in the title of the thread?
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    Maybe something like "with that nervousness that comes from anxiety". It is not literal, of course, but I think it sounds more natural (and makes more sense) than the literal translation. (His hand begins to move, and right away she tells him where the lighter is. It doesn't seem like such a long search that it would make his thumb tremble...)

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