con leggera villosità e verruche


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Cetriolo Tortarello cetrangolo o cucummero
Cetrangolo o Cucummero

Frutto tipico dal colore verde intenso e di forma ricurva. Lunghezza di 30 cm ed oltre, diametro di 7/8 cm, completamente privo di spine, con leggera villosità e verruche.
The villosità shuld be alright with some form of ‘hairy’ I suppose; verruche took me aback a little, but it wasn’t so mysterious as I thought:
(BOT). Piccola protuberanza molle su fillomi e fusti.
The trouble is that I can’t find a way of translating it: searching for ‘verrucas’ and ‘warts’ brings up lots of hits about natural skincare remedies (are any vegetables not natural remedies for something?) and precious little on cucumber anatomy. Does anybody have any idea of I can translate these attractive-sounding cucumber protrusions?


I also learn that you can call veruccas porri, so cucumbers with leeks on them; :) I bet Cronenberg would have a few of them in his garden.
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    Thanks; I think I may well go with that.

    Anyway, wheels within wheels! Searching for that term led me to tubercle, which is in turn a kind of sea cucumber (not a pretty one either)!


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    Sounds like "verruca" is a specific botanical technical term (each word a different link)
    I know a little bit about gardening, but nothing about botany, except that it's a subject which uses a very old-fashioned scientific language, of course given the subject which is still rooted in medieval studies or so.