con perdón de la palabra

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  1. gladfly Member

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    Hi :) I'm not sure exactly how to translate this, but here is the context:

    "...compartan un espacio de legitimacion- con perdon de la palabra- con otros discursos..."

    I'm not sure what "con perdon de la palabra" means in reference to "legitimization". Is it just "pardon the word"? or does it mean that the word allows that they share a space of legitimization? hm.

    Sorry about the lack of accents...I'm on a weird computer.
    Thanks! :)
  2. Tacherie

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    "Con perdón de la palabra", especially between [-] as it is, is something we use to apologize for a bad word.
    I'm guessing the author doen't care too much for "legitimization".
    So yes, just "pardon the word" it is.

  3. gladfly Member

    Canada/ English
    great! thanks!
  4. kanttwo Member

    Spanish-Spain do you say "con perdón" when you are going to say a rude word? pardon the word?

    Sorry but the previous post it is not clare to me.

    Thank you.
  5. izani1 Member

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    You could say either pardon my French or pardon the expression. Often this is said before (or sometimes immediately following) a coarse or vulgar expression. For example:

    You'll have to pardon my French/the expression, but I think that he is full of crap.
  6. kanttwo Member

    Pardon my French?XD It sounds funny

    Thank you.
  7. pubman Senior Member

    "Pardon my French" is a great choice you'll sound like a native;)

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