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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by cavalconte, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. cavalconte Member

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    Ciao tutti:

    I am writing a letter to someone who is closer than many people but not "intimately" closer, just a closer friend than most. I want to sing a letter with a salutation that evokes more closeness than the generic ending like "Sincerely." In English, I would say "Fondly," but foreign languages being what they are with their wonderful idiomatic phrases, I want to avoid saying the wrong thing.

    Any ideas...per favor.


  2. angelico76 Senior Member

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    Potresti concludere:
    - Con affetto
    - Saluti affettuosi
    - Con i miei più affettuosi saluti
    - Con i miei più sinceri saluti

    Anyhow, "Any ideas...per favore" :)

  3. oetzi

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    Why not "Ti abbraccio" or "Un abbraccio"? We use it between close friends ...
    Or else "Con affetto" .
    Like it?
  4. cavalconte Member

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    Mille grazie:)

  5. Salegrosso Senior Member

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    Moreover, in a friendly letter,
    "I miei piu' sinceri saluti"
    sounds more formal than
    "I miei saluti piu' sinceri".

  6. fox71

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    Con simpatia!
  7. Never Got a Dinner

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    Cari saluti (occasionally saluti cari) -- That's a good choice for someone who is a genuine friend, more than an acquaintance.

    Un abbraccio -- This is even friendlier. It can be said from a man to another man without any implications.

    Un abbraccione = un abbraccio forte -- The same only stronger

    Baci, or (a little classier) un bacio -- A man can say this to a female friend

    Con affetto or affettuosi saluti -- to friends (of any gender), it's safe to say this if you're very close.

    Just some ideas that I had. You'll notice the common denominator: that in Italian you can be more affectionate than in English.
  8. lsp

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