Con sette mariti di meno

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I know, it's a weird sentence but could you help me with the translation?

"Ho bisogno di un drink forte. Come Elisabeth Taylor ma con sette mariti di meno"

"I need a strong drink. Like Elisabeth Taylor does but with seven less husbands"

Thanks in advance.

  • Wobby

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    English [England]
    It sounds fine to me, if not a bit strange like you said :p, but I would remove the 'does'. :)

    "I need a strong drink. Just like Elizabeth Taylor but with 7 less husbands."


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    UK, English
    With a plural it should be fewer, rather than less. However, less is used colloquially and probably fits with this kind of statement.
    I think it sounds better at the end: with seven husbands less/fewer.

    PS I see Pescara is more rigorous than me!:D


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    Italy, italian
    I heard that it is better put the number near the noun it refers to: "7 husbands fewer"; maybe it is valid just if there are many nouns in order not to confuse...anyway is "7 husbands fewer" correct as well?
    Thank you!
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