1. speedking Member

    France;French and English
    I have recently come across the expression ''con solera'' and have been told that it means ''with tradition''.Anybody can elaborate please and possibly give me examples,it would be very appreciated!One question,could it apply to music like flamenco:''una música con solera...'' perhaps!

    Muchas gracias por ayudarme!
  2. romarsan

    romarsan Senior Member

    Con solera significa con tradición. Con "clase al viejo estilo"
    Se usa por ejemplo para los vinos y en general para cualquier producto que se haya mantenido en el tiempo. Que puede haber evolucionado, pero siempre siendo fiel a sus raices.
    Si se podría aplicar al flamenco, pero a mi me suena mucho mejor aplicado a un artista en concreto que a la música flamenca en general. Si quieres aplicarlo al flamenco iria mejor decir "El flamenco un espectáculo con solera"
  3. edval

    edval Senior Member

    "Solera" first meaning is the sediment of wine that belongs in a barrel that gives colour and flavour to new wines. By extension means "tradition".

    You can say i.e. "Esta es una empresa con solera" = This is a company with history and tradition"

    Hope it helps,


  4. keeling

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    Madrid, Spain
    UK. English, Español. Bilingual.
    There is a wider and more general use of con solera, which means used and even better. My barbeque for exaple now is two years old, and if I sold it I would say "vendo barbaquoa, con solera." now that it is used, it is better than it was. the food tastes even better.
  5. Funksturm

    Funksturm Member

    I'd say it's also used just to say something is very good,
    "Esta es una empresa con solera" or "Esta empresa tiene solera"= we are a good company since we've been here for a long time
    "Un jamón con solera" or "Este jamón tiene solera"= This ham is really good

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