con tapón bisagra blanco con aro oro

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Good afternoon to everyone,

I was translating some phrases and I had a doubt about something.

I was translating from Spanish to English this sentence -->
  • Frasco cristal matizado "Laura" 50 ml con tapón bisagra blanco con aro oro (being "Laura" the name of the model)

My modest translation was (probably isn't correct):
  • 50 ml "Laura" frosted glass bottle with hinge cap with golden ring

So I was thinking... if "Laura" is a name and also "bottle" is a name too, I should translate it like:
  • 50 ml frosted glass "Laura" bottle with hinge cap with golden ring
Should I take the two names together? or I can put the name "Laura" after the capacity?

It sounds better to me like I did it in first place but If someone can clarify my doubts I will be so grateful.

Also I was thinking if it's correct to put two "with" in the same sentence:
  • 50 ml "Laura" frosted glass bottle with hinge cap with a ring
In Spanish also sounds good to me but not in English (I don't know why).

Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for my poor English. ;)
  • Cenzontle

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    You're doing a good job at juggling such a long series of modifiers.
    " 'Laura' bottle" sounds funny to me (but I'm not familiar with the bottle market).
    You said "Laura" is the model; could it also be called a "style"? In that case you could say " 'Laura'-style bottle"
    (whatever you do, don't say "model bottle"—the rhyme is too funny).
    Is "bottle" a fancy-enough word, or are you dealing with a "flask"?
    I don't like to see numerals at the beginning of a sentence, and "Fifty-ml..." looks odd, so I'm obliged to suggest
    "Fifty-milliliter frosted-glass 'Laura'-type flask with hinged cap and gold ring." Note the hyphens.


    Spanish Spain & Catalan
    Well, "Laura" is the name of the line. All the Laura's bottles have the same form in all their capacities. I don't know how to explain me better, maybe If you look this photo.
    There are fifty-millilitre, one-hundred-millilitre, two-hundred-millilitre.... Laura's bottles.

    I know... the name's of the bottle market are so weird.

    About the word "bottle", the most part of the producers use this word instead using "flask" so I prefer continue using "bottle".

    I'm going crazy about this work... maybe I should call Laura and ask her for her bottles.:D

    Thanks for your reply Cenzontle! I will use your advices!:thumbsup:


    Spanish Spain & Catalan
    Hola Forero,
    La traducción es para una página web. El usuario entrará en el modelo "Laura" y se montará su pack de botellas eligiendo color, tapón y capacidad, por lo que en principio es como si no hubiera más modelos o variantes (por lo menos no los vera en pantalla si no los selecciona). Una vez el usuario se ha montado su producto, tengo que describirlo para que sepan qué compran.

    No todos los frascos "Laura" son matizados, también hay transparentes o de color topacio por lo que entiendo que debo mantener el orden.

    De todos modos muchas gracias por tu aportación!
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