concentrato di salute


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I'm trying to translate this title:

Frutta e Verdura:
un concentrato di salute

My try is

Fruits and Vegetable:
a health mix

What do you think? Does anyone have other suggestions to best translate this metaphore?

Thank you!
  • davideguada

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    Thank you!
    I'm not too sure about "powerhouse", I would like to keep the idea of something you can make with fruits and vegebables.
    The document is a teacher's guide, explaining how F & V can be used by children to make a fruit skewer, so there are various metaphors.
    I'd like to keep this nuance

    does "health cocktail" sounds good?

    You little ripper!

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    Thank you Charles!
    so I guess that also "a mix of health" is correct (referring to a fruit mix)


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    A healthly mixture

    The "mixture" plays on the "liquid" and the combinations of "fruits and vegetables".
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