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Hello, everyone.

I´m looking for a concept to refer to the following.

I have been study two phenomena which are view as separate processes but some authors have noticed that there is a relationship between those concepts which has been disregarded long time. This relationship is the basis on my study and I need to title the slide where a present the quotation of the authors that share my point of view.

I hope to be clear.
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    Si entiendo bien, hablas de dos fenómenos, usualmente considerados independientes, entre los cuales algunos autores han percibido una relación. Pero al parecer, ahora buscas un título para la diapositiva que cita a estos autores. Sugiero que la diapositiva solo presente la cita, traducida si es necesario, con los nombres de los autores, etc., al fondo; creo que no hace falta un título.