concern myself too much

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Context and Background:

I was writing a letter to one of my friends; we've known each other for several years. She knows much about me and so do I. She knows that I once went to hospital frequently for the sake of cowardice; I thought I must be seariously ill but I wasn't. And now I don't do that any longer and feel happy everyday. And after I repeated my previous mental condition to her, I added:

I used to concern myself too much.


I wonder if it sounds natural in the given context. I want to say that during that past few years I went to hospital almost everyday and I was really tired; I thought I was going to die. But now I'm feeling very well, both mentally and physically.


I heard "Don't concern yourself" and this is the reason I wrote that sentence. But it seems not to be able to work but I don't know how to explain. Some possible replacement:

1)I was once freaked out by myself.
2)I was once freaked out by my condition.

Thanks a lot
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    Hi, Silver.

    I used to concern myself too much.
    If you wrote this to me, I would understand it to mean "I used to worry too much" or "I used to take things too seriously." It is an unusual thing to say. If I used "concern myself", I would follow it with "with": I used to concern myself with that, but now I have other things to do.

    "I was once freaked out by my condition." This is certainly possible. I used to hear "freaked out" a lot in conversation, but people here don't use it nearly as often as they did three or four decades ago. If your friend knows what it means, you can certainly use it in that letter.

    "I was once freaked out by myself" - this one sounds strange but understandable to me. I've heard others express the idea this way "I used to freak myself out".
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    I have a question about the use of concern: I used to concern myself too much.

    I look it up on this website:

    Here is one use of "concern":

    it concerns me = it worries meNote that when concern is employed as a verb in this way, it cannot be used in the first or second person and it is normally used with the preparatory subject it. Note also that concern is not normally used with progressive forms. We need to indicate the idea of progression in some other way. Compare the following:

    • It concerns me that she'll be in London for a whole week on her own.

      Rather than:
    • That she'll be in London for a whole week on her own concerns me).
    • Doesn't it concern you? She's only nineteen.
    • The pollution problem in that part of the river is beginning to concern all the local anglers.

    Since the subject "I" is the first person, I wonder whether it is appropriate to say so.
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    I agree with Owl; the usual way to put your point is to say, "I used to concern myself too much with the state of my health." If you do not wish to mention an issue, "I used to worry a lot [about my health]" or "I used to be overanxious [about health issues]." What's in brackets might NOT be said.

    I suppose an alternative with 'concern' is, "I used to be excessively self concerned."
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