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Hi everyone.

I checked on this website,
and I didn't quite understand, I guess, what an examination officer is. Is it a person who goes through the exam paper, correcting it? Or is it anyone who's in the classroom, supervising the whole process of exams?

I found it hard to understand since I don't think there's such an officer in my country... I suppose it's quite typical in England.

As far as the "examination office personnel" is concerned, do they work in office or in schools? If you could help me with this, I d' be quite glad.

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    I believe that they are responsible for carrying out and monitoring the examinations. They function as exam proctors and probably have other duties.

    From the same website:
    The Examination Officers' Association is an independent organisation whose role is to support professional development and represent exam personnel involved in the operation and administration of exams in centres.


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    Thanks for your suggestion. I agree with you and believe their duties are not that specific afterall.

    When, in the quote, the word 'centres' is mentioned, I suppose it covers a lot more than schools, but specific offices designed to host all types of education exams...:eek:


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    Really? Maybe it's a complete BE/AE difference because I've never heard anyone say 'examination officer', though obviously I understand the term. Hmm...
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