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Hi everyone,

I'd like to ask whether you use the word concession or leave in the context of asking for any reduction of the tuition fee for an academic program (e.g. in the form of scholarships or grants). Or is there a better word (umbrella term) for it?
Here's an example:

Is there any concession available for this and that program?
Is there any leave available...

Thank you,
  • PaulQ

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    Leave is wrong.

    Concession would be correct for 'a specific reduction by circumstance' but I am unsure if you are (i) looking for a reduction in the fee or (ii) looking for assistance towards the total fee.

    E.g. if the course costs £2,000, whatever else happens, you pay £2,000, but you may receive £500 by way of a scholarship, grant or award from a source or charity. You then hand over your own £1,500 + that £500 = £2,000.

    This differs from a concession whereby, for example, the cost of the course is normally £2,000 but if you are disabled, over the age of 60, belong to a certain society, etc, you in fact only pay £1,500.


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    Definitely not leave, people will think you mean to go home for a period during the course, or at best suspend your payment for a period.

    Concession is much better. You could also say financial aid/help. I'm not aware of any specific umbrella term unfortunately, you might be wise to say "such as scholarships or grants". The most likely reason for fees to be reduced is means-testing, which is offering reduced fees to people whose household income is below a certain level.


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    We do not use "concession" to mean a reduced payment in AE. If you used this word in speaking with or writing to a U.S. university, they would probably not understand it.

    Over here, I'd simply ask "Are any tuition reductions available?" As PaulQ posted, though, reduced tuition is not the same as a tuition assistance. You might want to include both in your question, since you're probably more interested in the final number than in how they arrived at it.
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