concours interne ou externe

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  1. antiloquax New Member

    How does one best render the ideas of 'concours externe' and 'concours interne' when referring to the French teaching qualification the CAPES?
    Merci d'avance
  2. JiPiJou Senior Member

    For the British people who may want to help with a translation, it may be necessary to tell them that the "concours interne" is open to people who are already civil servants (since French teachers who have a tenure are civil servants), and "concours externe" is for students. The exam papers are different and there are two separate lists of results.
  3. shining_star24 Senior Member

    Hello antiloquax and welcome to the forum :)

    Unfortunately, I am not an English native speaker but my attempt is:
    Le concours interne s’adresse aux fonctionnaires ou agents publics ayant, au moins, 4 années de services effectifs. However, concours externes s'addresse aux gens ayant veulent travailler dans la fonction publique et ils n'y étaient jamais.

    I am not sure of their English equivalent would be " external competition" and " Internal competition" respectively.

    Let us wait for more suggestions
  4. tourtinet Member

    french -France
    Ce post date de longtemps , mais au cas où d'autres se demanderaient cela ,il me semble après recherche qu'il s'agit de external competitive examination et d'internal competitive examination .

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