concrete football/soccer field?


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Hi, Would you still call it a football field if it is a concrete playground like this.
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    I've always thought of it as a football field no matter what the surface material. (Disclaimer: I'm not a football player.)

    (Note: if you don't get the image, just imagine any playground soccer field painted on concrete or asphalt.)
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    I didn't see a picture at the link.

    You didn't say what kind of "football" you propose to play on a concrete field. I can't imagine playing American, Canadian, or Australian football on a concrete surface. Football players have to be a little crazy, but anyone who would be willing to play football on concrete or asphalt should be committed forthwith.

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    Fabulist, the type of football is specified: the title includes the word "soccer". Redgiant also includes the word "football" because over here "football" is the usual word for what you call "soccer".

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    Well, as we generally call a "football field" a pitch in British English, and pitch doesn't refer to the surface, we would still call this a pitch. To differentiate on the basis of surface, we would have to name it (e.g. concrete pitch):
    Getting tripped on a concrete pitch isn't fun
    On a bumpy concrete pitch still wet from overnight rain, a pick-up game of football is under way
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