1. gvalverde Member

    Hola, como se llama en Inglés al concuño. Como llama mi hermano (a) a un hermano de mi esposa.
  2. albertovidal

    albertovidal Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    Your wife's brother-in-law
  3. chulies57 Member

    English, USA
    I believe the question is: "what would my brother call one of my wife's brothers?" In which case, the answer would be, "my sister-in-law's brother".

    Concuño (short for coñcunado) can be used for a bit of a varied set of relationships relating to your partner's siblings, or your siblings to your partner's siblings, or in the case where siblings marry siblings (like when a pair of sisters marry men who are brothers). It can be complex and confusing for non-natives and even among native speakers, I would argue that the meaning can vary from region to region and even from person to person.


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