Concurso Nacional de Ortografía (Capitalization)

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    Hi, Foreros.
    I'm translating a newspaper article in which there are strings of capitalized names in the original. I don't think they should be transferred as is into English, though I'm not sure. Here are two sentences and my translations of them:
    Al encabezar la ceremonia de premiación del décimo Concurso Nacional de Ortografía en el Castillo de Chapultepec, el funcionario destacó la importancia de saber escribir de manera correcta.

    As he began the awards ceremony for the tenth national spelling competition in the Castle of Chapultepec, the official emphasized the importance of knowing how to write correctly.

    En el Alcázar del Castillo de Chapultepec, ante los estudiantes finalistas, anunció que México buscará ser sede del Concurso Hispanoamericano de Ortografía en 2010 como parte de los festejos del Bicentenario de la Independencia.

    In the Fortress of the Castle of Chapultepec, in front of the student finalists, he announced that Mexico will seek to sponsor the Hispanic-American spelling competition in 2010 as part of the festivities for the Independence Bicentennial.

    I think these are capitalized correctly. Once again, I'm not sure. If any of you have any suggestions or corrections, I'd like to read them.

    Thank you
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    In the original Spanish text, there are several names of events, and these events are capitalized. I think that this capitalization is correct, and it should carry forward imto the English translation.

    In the following two event names, you chose to capitalize only part of he event name. I suggest that you capitalize the entire event name using the Spanish text as a guide.

    national spelling competition in the Castle of Chapultepec

    Hispanic-American spelling competition

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    If it is the name of the competition, then I would say
    National Spelling Competition ...

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