Condamné à perpétuité

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  1. Hugo Barrett New Member

    Dear all,

    How would you say "un condamné à perpétuité" in English?
    I thought of "a life prisoner" but am far from being satisfied...

    Just before, to translate the sentence: "Jose est condamné à perpétuité" I skipped the problem by using: "Jose has been sentenced to spend the rest of his days in jail." That's why I'm in a dead end now.

    I would be glad to read your comments!
  2. snarkhunter

    snarkhunter Senior Member

    France, Région parisienne
    French - France
    I think "Jose's got a life sentence" should be fine...
  3. bluegiraffe

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    Unfortunately, in Britain, someone who is given a "life sentence" is actually sentenced to only 25 years, so you could not use that. "Sentenced to spend the rest of his days/the rest of his life in jail/prison" is correct.

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