"condensation clung to the windows"

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Bangkok - Thai
From the novel "Follow You Home" by Mark Edwards.


Scene: Pub
Time: afternoon

"Full-time drinkers perched at the bar and condensation clung to the windows."


Could it mean sleep with press your face to the windows?
  • Florentia52

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    No; two different things are going on. Drinkers are perched at the bar, and condensation is clinging to the windows.

    Hermione Golightly

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    It crosses my mind that you are not familiar with condensation on window glass.
    When the warm air indoors comes into contact with windows that are cold because it's very cold outside, condensation forms on the inside window glass.
    This was extremely common in the bad old days before windows were double glazed, that is, made of two sheets of glass with a vacuum between them.
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