Condición, cualidad y concepto de usuario

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    Hi. I am translating "Terms of Use" from Spanish to English and there is a subtitle that I'm not familiar with. It has to do with the part about individuals over 18 being able to access a website, and the prohibition of underage children to access the website.

    The subtitle in question is: Condición, cualidad y concepto de usuario

    The subtitle (and additional information) is as follows:
    Condición, cualidad y concepto de usuario

    Por usuario, se entenderá toda aquella persona física mayor de edad que acceda al sitio web *******, que publica un anuncio,incluye información personal, busca o consulta su contenido y/o contacta con otros usuarios.

    So here's my translation (it sounds corny and very literal)
    User condition, quality and concept
    The User understands that all individuals over the age of 18 who access the website *********, and who post personal ads, do so with the intent of sharing their content and/or seeking contact with other users.

    Any suggestions? Thank you!!!!
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