Conditional: Could, would, should, will, might, may in IF part clause...?

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  1. jalaluddin Senior Member

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    Generally, We use conditional sentence in this way,

    (1) If you work hard, You will get success.

    (2) If you lend me some money, I will be obliged.

    (3) If I found a wallet here, I would return it to the police.

    We commanly don't use would, will, could in - If - part sentence

    And when we use - If you could / would / will - Sentences

    indicate - suggestion, request - This is understood. Do we use

    for any other purpose - except suggestion or request

    In real or unreal conditional.
  2. owlman5

    owlman5 Senior Member

    Hello, Jalaluddin. If I understand your question, then you're asking if people can use "could/would/will" in sentences that don't suggest or request something in a conditional sentence. The answer is yes. Here are some examples of using these auxiliary verbs in other ways:

    I will go to the train station tomorrow to pick up my relatives. (Here, "will" expresses future intention.)
    You could do the problem that way but you shouldn't. (Here, "could" expresses hypothetical possibility.)
    I would often take walks in the park when I lived in Denver. (Here, "would" expresses past custom or habit.)
    She will not listen to me no matter how much I talk. (Here, "will" expresses observed custom or prediction about present/future.)
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  3. jalaluddin Senior Member

    India - Hindi & English
    I wanted to ask whether we can use Could, Would, Should, Will, Might, May in IF part clause...?

    Usually, We use Could, Should in IF part clause while requesting or suggesting something. But can we use other Model words to show other
    situations and possibilities...

    Like, If you want to meet John, You may go soon. You might meet him,
    But If you might not meet him at his home, You can call him on his
  4. owlman5

    owlman5 Senior Member

    OK. Here are some examples:
    If you could go, then you would.
    If you will go, than you shall.
    If you may go, then I'll pick you up at eight tonight.
    If you should happen to see my lost dog, then would you please give me a call?
    If I might/may be allowed to suggest something, then I suggest that...
  5. jalaluddin Senior Member

    India - Hindi & English
    Good ones.....Do we use If....then / so; while writting ?

    Usually we do speak in routine but I think we might not write if...then/so in conditional sentences.

    I read this rule somewhere on this site....Rule was,

    If - part shows condition and sub clause is the result. And it does't take then/so

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