conditional "had or have been"

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  1. roman holiday New Member

    Example: What would you do if you met an alien who has/had never feel (it shoud be felt, but Vsauce used feel for some reason)....which one is right?:)

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    Hello roman holiday. :)

    Please give the complete sentence. Where did you see it? And who or what is is Vsauce?

    Also tell us more about the Context and Background. It is difficult to discuss which tense is most appropriate when the sentence contains a present tense that appears to be a mistake, as you say. If we see the complete sentence and more of the context, we may understand why the present tense [feels] was used.
  3. roman holiday New Member

    So he made a should be felt..but the question remains the same.. What would you do if you met an alien who has/had never felt?
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    Has/had never felt what? What are we talking about? Who wrote this, and where?

    As you state the question here, there is simply not enough information available to give you an answer.

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