Conditional, Mixed conditional or third conditional

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Question: She (get) _______ promoted last year, if she (not argue) hadn't argued
with the boss.

The answer given by the test result is (would have got).
But I'm confusing about it, I think the right answer is (would have gotten), can
anyone explain it?

Thanks in advance.
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  • panjandrum

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    In BE (British English) the answer is "would have got".
    In AE (American English) I think you are right - the answer is "would have gotten" - but you need an AE native to confirm that (or otherwise, of course).

    There is plenty more information in the threads listed at got gotten.

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    Thomas Tompion

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    1st - She will be promoted next year, if she doesn't argue
    2nd - She would be promoted next year, if she didn't argue
    3rd - She would have been promoted last year, if she hadn't argued.

    She would have been promoted can be rendered She would have got promoted in a less formal register in BE.

    Like Panjandrum, I think the BE version, She would have got promoted, changes in AE to She would have gotten promoted, but we need confirmation of that.
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