Conditional of 'quedarse', 'regresar'

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I am writing an interview for my spanish class, and am having trouble with the conditional tense and superlative in this question:

"Si tú podrías hacer que quieres, ¿qué harías? ¿Te quedarías en EE.UU. o regresarías a Cúba?"

I'm trying to say (in English): "If you could do what you want, what would you do? Would you stay in the US or return to Cuba?"

Did I make mistakes while translating? I can't seem to find the information I need about the conditional anywhere else! (Assuming that conditional is the correct tense to use in the first place.)
  • belén

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    Hello and welcome :)

    My proposal

    Si pudieras (subjunctive) hacer lo que quisieras, ¿te quedarías en EEUU o regresarías a Cuba? (no accent in Cuba but the second half of your sentence was perfect!!)

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