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    Selam! I'm learning the conditional tense(?) and I would like you guys' help distinguishing between some of the sentences that I've come up with.

    1. Ben, Zeynep'in (senin) kız arkadaşın olduğunu bilseydim öpmezdim (onu).
    2. Ben, Zeynep'in (senin) kız arkadaşın olduğunu biliyorduysam (/bilirdiysem) öpmezdim (/öpmeyecektim) (onu).

    Okay... Now I just have a hard time explaining the differences to myself....

    Nº1 would be similar to hypothetical statement (similar to Spanish's: si yo hubiera sabido que Zeynep era tu novia, no la habría besado); he didn't no at that moment and now he's lamenting.

    Nº2 is where it gets hard. Going off the sentence without the parenthesis, it would mean something like: "if I knew Zeynep was your girlfriend (at that certain point in time), I wouldn't kiss her (habitual action based on his loyalty to his friend).

    With 'bilirdiysem' it would possibly be at different intervals, possibly suggesting that the interlocutor and his girlfriend were in an off-and-on-again relationship.

    Or... Should I not concern myself with these big boy problems and just worry about something simpler??? xD

    Çok teşekkürler
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    There is no verb structures as in No2 in proper Turkish. Only kids who just started to speak come up verbs like "biliyorduysam, bilirdiysem", or people who try to be funny.
    The correct version of No2 is "bilseydim". Therefore No1 is the correct version of No2.
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    I would suggest forgetting the second sentence as well. "Biliyorduysam" is simply...unused. Structure-wise, the closest you can get is "biliyor olsaydım". You should still stick to "bilseydim", however.

    If you wish to express your everlasting loyalty, taking no possible accidents into account, you'd better go with something like "Zeynep kız arkadaşınsa, onu asla öpmem", which is something along the lines of "I never kiss Zeynep if she's your girlfriend."

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