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  1. mrinari New Member

    Can anyone help me out of my predicament?
    Which of the following sentences is correct.

    1. Have you ever thought how the world would have looked today, if the Internet had been created much earlier?"
    Have you ever thought/given any thought, what would be the world like today, if the Internet had been.../had the Internet been created much earlier.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Garbuz Senior Member

    The second sentence is correct. It's mixed conditional. The condition refers to the past, and he consequence from it - to the present. I wonder if the word order 'the world would be like today' would sound better.
  3. bearded

    bearded Senior Member

    I agree with Garbuz. Your construction ''....what would be the world like today'' is not correct.
    Either it is direct interrogative (what would the world be like today?)
    or, as in your example, undirect interrogative clause
    (...ever thought, what the world would be like today).
  4. Garbuz Senior Member

    I would also remove the comma after 'thought'.
  5. mrinari New Member

    My thoughts exactly. Much obliged.

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