Conditions must be kept separate


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Je ne suis pas sûre de la façon dont je dois comprendre la dernière phrase.

This DOES NOT apply to situations where tires have a uniformity (...) issue (“ride related”). For ride related returns, the (...) return procedures are to be followed in accordance with the Warranty Guide. If tires with ride related issues are mistakenly returned under the 30 Day Trial, they will be reclassified as ride complaint tires, and there will be no mounting and balancing reimbursement. The two conditions must be kept separate so that proper tracking of returns will be possible.

Quelles sont les deux conditions dont on parle? Les problèmes de roulement versus l'offre d'essai de 30 jours?

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    Yes, exactly. There are two reasons (entre autres, peut-être) you might return the tires:
    After a 30-day trial, you simply do not like them. I have the impression that in this case, mounting and balancing of a different new set will be reimbursed.
    There's a uniformity issue (ride-related problem). In this case, on the other hand, x and y will not be covered/reimbursed.
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