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I'm a little confused about how the following sentence is suppose to be translated, particularly because of the use of "conduire":

"L'avenir de la Côte d'Ivoire était suspendu dimanche à une nouvelle mission que doivent conduire lundi à Abidjan trois chefs d'Etat ouest-africains, accompagnés du Premier ministre kényan, pour tenter de résoudre une crise qui a déjà fait près de 200 morts selon l'ONU."

Can anyone help me with this one? Does "doivent conduire" have the sense of "to be run/guided Monday in Abidjan by three African heads of state"?

Also, what's with the inversion in that sentence? Is it just a typical style for news articles to be written?

  • Guill

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    I would also have said "a mission run by..." before having seen your attempt, I think it fits well here.
    Concerning the inversion, yes, it's typical for news. One can say either one or the other, without the inversion, in everyday language.


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    To be run/guided/led sound good. I think the inversion has something to do with the passive form.
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