Conejo, coneja, conejita (woman)

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  1. Barbara S. Senior Member

    In Mexico, what exactly does it mean, beyond a term of endearment, when a man calls a woman a "coneja" or "conejita". Is there a nuance I might be missing?

    Muchas gracias.
  2. Microcosmos

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    bunny why not (like the Playboy variety, only less impersonal)
  3. Loli

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    at least in Argentina, what you call a "playmate" for the playboy magazine, is what we call "una 'conejita' de playboy".
    Now, when you say that a woman is "una coneja" generally it's because she has too many children! ;)
  4. Beatriz Viterbo Member

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    El primer sentido es vincular a esa mujer con la imagen de las mujeres de la revista Playboy.

    En el Caribe (y creo que esto es similar en el caso mexicano), decir "la coneja" es decir "la concubina" o "la amante". Es decir, darle a esa mujer cierto estatuto ilegal.
  5. carioquita

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    tarde pero ahi va mi respuesta

    En Mexico ( soy de aqui) coneja se le dice a la mujer que tiene demasiados hijos ...en un plan algo despectivo (...parece coneja, tiene 15 hijos.....)

    conejita= las que salen fotografiadas en la revista playboy
  6. Al Quintana

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    Spanish & English México US
    -It means honey bunny, some guys use to call like this to their girlfriend or wife, in a mellow way
    It is the same way used in:

    -Honey Bunny
    Term of endearment invented by Quentin Tarantino and made famous by the movie Pulp Fiction
    It's cool, Honey Bunny, we're still

    a girl. if the girl is a freshman in high school, she can be referred to as a freshbunny.

    made popular by the character Ben Starling in the book Paper Towns by John Green.
    God, that is one candy-coated honeybunny.

    MEgan Fox was called HunnyBunny in the Transformers Movie (2007) by her ex boyfriend...

    In Spanish is the same use to call a girl, "coneja! come here!"
  7. Barbara S. Senior Member

    Honey bunny has been around for ages. I'm 70 and I was called a honey bunny when I was a girl. It's like saying "sweetie pie".

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