conferring her blessing

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This is an extract of Wedding Season by Katie Fforde.

"We're having a proper wedding, and I want you to organise it.’

Lily said this with an expansive sweep of her arms, as if she were conferring a great favour on her sister, forgetting that planning weddings was her job. And while Sarah wouldn't have dreamt of accepting money for doing it, even if Lily had dreamt of offering it, it would take up a lot of time. But she realised that Lily was asking for her approval, as well as her help; having Sarah arrange the wedding would be like her conferring her blessing.

Would you like to explain to me the meaning of "conferring her blessing" in this case? Thanks.
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    To confer one's blessing on something as used here means to give one's approval to an action. This means "to have Sarah arrange the wedding would be like having Sarah say that she approved of the marriage."
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