confiance, respect, échange

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I would like to translate this statement - confiance, respect, échange, which is, according to some psychologists, the key of a balanced relationship.

I would say trust and respect to translate confiance et respect, but I'm not sure how to translate échange.

Indeed, to me, the French word contains the idea of sharing ideas, feelings by communicating. I have the impression that we lose the concept of sharing with the word exchange, therefore I was tempted to translate it by share, but I don't know if that would be correct.

What do you think?

(This is the first thread I post; I usually find the answers I am looking for in the existing threads, but not this time. So I hope I am doing that properly.)
  • bobepine

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    (Your post is picture perfect: context + possible solutions + research done = awesome!)

    I often translate échange by sharing, but let's see if other suggestions pop up.
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