confide to or confide in


Which one is ok between the following two sentences? Also, I would appreciate it if you mark any mistakes.

My friend, Gent, confided to ( or in?) me about what she has experienced about her boyfriend. Her boyfriend went through her logged calls.
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    Confide normally goes with in, though formerly confide to was common.
    But there is also a difference between confide (intransitive) which normally takes in, and confide (transitive) which normally takes to.

    So I think I would probably write:
    My friend confided in me about her recent experiences with her boyfriend. He went through her logged calls.

    My friend confided to me that her boyfriend went through her logged calls.

    I'm a bit troubled about "went through her logged calls," partly because I'm not sure what this means. Did he look through the calls logged on her mobile phone/ cellphone?
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