confident with my quota

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The quotation comes from Opinion | Amber Tamblyn: I’m Done With Not Being Believed

Quotation: I told this story publicly as a way to back up the claim that Mr. Woods was, indeed, a hypocrite. Mr. Woods called my account a lie.

What would I get out of accusing this person of such an action, almost 20 years after the fact? Notoriety, power or respect? I am more than confident with my quota of all three.
Hi everyone! Does the bold part mean “I know I cannot have much notoriety, power or respect”?
  • Trisia

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    I used up my free articles for the month:(, but based on the context you've provided I'd say the speaker is perfectly satisfied (= more than confident) with the amount of notoriety, power and respect she currently possesses. It's unclear if she has a lot of it or not, but it's presumably enough that she doesn't need to obtain more through deceit.
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