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    Good morning:

    I am translating a Power of Attorney from Sp to Eng and need a little help.

    Para el mejor desempeno de su cometido, le confieren a su apoderado las facultades generales de Madato Judicial y las Especiales que enumera el Articulo sesenta y nueve del Codigo Procesal Civil y Mercantil, incluisve la de transigir, facultades todas que explique a los comparecientes, cerciorandome de que las conocen y comprended y por eso las confieren a su apoderado.

    My intent:

    To better accomplish your goal, they give her attorney General Power of Attorney listed in Article Sixty Nine of the Code of Civil and Commercial Procedures, up to and including settling, explaining to all appearing, making sure that they know and understand and that is why it is granted to his attorney.

    Thank you
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    English - US
    Mi aportación:

    ...In order to better carry out their duty, they do hereby grant to his/her legal representative Power of Attorney and other authorized powers listed in Article Sixty Nine of the Civil and Commercial Code, including settling, ??explaining all these powers to those in attendance??, making sure they know and understand them and that is why they are granted to his attorney.

    Redunda si dices "they grant to his attorney Power of Attorney". ;)
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    Thank you so much!!!


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