"confine" or " commence" sightseeing in large cities?


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Hi, everyone,

I will choose "commence" for the following question but I am not sure.
Which one among the four options is correct?

Many tourists coming from China to Taiwan naturally .......their sightseeing
in large cities.
a. commemorate b. commence c. confine d. contribute

Thanks in advance.
  • Mahantongo

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    The four words do not have similar meanings, and checking a dictionary should make the answer clear. The only answer that makes sense in this sentence as it is worded is B.


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    Thank you, Mahantongo and stez.
    To Mahantongo, for me C "confine" seems to be also ok, too.
    If I am a tourist to somewhere for the very first time only by myself,
    I would concentrate on big cities. That is the reason why I struggled for a while..
    Now with your answers, now I can be sure. Thank you!
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