...confirm the physical ship to address?


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I will order a book from a website. I emailed the customer service today to discuss the shipping options, and then I received this email:

"Can you please confirm the physical ship to address?"

What does this sentence mean?

Thank you for your help.
  • cuchuflete

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    It means that they have left out a hyphen: ship-to

    Please confirm the address to which the book should be shipped.

    This may be different from the address to which an invoice is sent.


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    I expect it should have read ... the physical ship-to address. Meaning, I imagine, delivery address.

    Ah, I see cuchu got there first!:)


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    As a side note, "physical address" of a person, usually means where he or she resides, as opposed to where postal mail is sent.

    In the case of shipping, however, "physical" seems out of place since a post office box is a perfectly valid shipping address. Besides, how can something be sent to a non-physical address?
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