Conflict of two years' standing


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Is it correct to say: "After a conflict of two years' standing, they ...."
By "two years' standing", I am referring to how long the conflict lasted.

Thank you.
  • Brioche

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    Well, the phrase "of two years' standing" is certainly correct, but for my ears, it doesn't fit with "after".

    After a conflict of two years' duration would be better.

    Standing is often used for situations that relate to qualifying periods.
    "Only members of two years' standing may vote in the committee elections"

    sound shift

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    If the conflict were continuing now, I might say This is a conflict of two years' standing, but I don't think "standing" is appropriate for conflicts that have finished; in the latter case I would say The conflict lasted two years.

    "Of [period]'s standing" is rather formal; I don't use it in speech.
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