Confused by a line from a sitcom

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A:Have you decided who you're gonna be at the ball?
B:Yes. I'm going as Eve from the Garden of Eden.
A:What about a snake?
B:I already have a snake. I'm going with Hank Crinland. He's a whiplash attorney.

I can't understand why the "snake" is related to "whiplash attorney"?
  • lingobingo

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    English - England
    The mentioned of a snake refers to the story of Adam and Eve. She makes a joke by insinuating that the guy she’s going to the ball with is a snake (a lawyer!).


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    And it's a well-known fact ;) that unscrupulous lawyers are adept at encouraging clients involved in minor traffic collisions to claim huge sums of money from insurance companies for alleged "whiplash injury".

    A "snake" is a nasty, treacherous, deceitful person.
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