congestionado, con el pecho tomado

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  1. aniru Member

    argentina, chubut
    Spanish. Argentina
    Hi guys, I was trying to find words or phrases related to the flu, but I need the opinion of a native.
    For example in the following sentence:

    Ella estaba muy congestionada, con un resfrio tan grande que tenia el pecho tomado y los conductos llenos de flema.

    thanx in advance
  2. JB

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    English (AE)
    En otras palabras, ¿qué significa un pecho tomado?
  3. aniru Member

    argentina, chubut
    Spanish. Argentina
    pecho tomado= bronquios y/o pulmones congestionados, el pecho hace ruido cuando respiras.
    en realidad es un modismo, queria saber si hay un equivalente en ingles.
  4. fsabroso

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    Congestionado, contestioned.
    congestion, An excess of fluid in part of the body ie, the lungs.

    Respecto a "pecho tomado", debes de expluicar a que te refieres, ya que cada ruido significa algo y en inglés tiene diferentes nombres, wheezing, rhonchi (bubling, sibilant, sonorous, diffuse,etc.), rales

    The whistling sound made during breathing, caused by obstructions in the respiratory tract. Sibilancia.

    A coarse gurgling sound,indicating narrowing of small airways in the lungs. Ronquera

    Clicking, bubbling, or rattling sounds that occur when air moves through fluid-filled airways. Estertor.

  5. pmanzewi Member

    Congested chest comes to mind. I read it on cough syrup labels.
  6. lforestier

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    Puerto Rico - Spanish/English
    chest congestion
    flema = phlegm, mucus
  7. aniru Member

    argentina, chubut
    Spanish. Argentina
    As regards "pecho tomado" I know very little myself, since it´´s an expression very commonly used in Chile (I´´m argentinian) but I think the term that suits it most is: congested chest.
    thanx a lot. you were very helpful!

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