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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Lits, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Lits New Member

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    I just looked up congratulations and found congratulazioni, but I feel like I never heard anyone say that. I seem to remember hearing auguri or complimenti...

    Specifically in this case, i'd like to congratulate someone on the completion of their thesis, but i'd also love it if someone could explain the distinctions between different forms of well-wishing.


  2. Kraus Senior Member

    Italian, Italy
    "Congratulazioni" is OK, but "complimenti" is an excellent synonym. As far I know, the only difference between them is that "complimenti" is more frequent. One can say "Auguri" (better: "In bocca al lupo" = "Break a leg") before an exam or a discussion of a thesis.

    To sum up:

    One can use "congratulazioni" and "complimenti" after something, "In bocca al lupo" before, while "Auguri" or "Tanti auguri" is more used for the anniversaries.
  3. Mickele

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    Ciao. In a context of school or university, for a thesis completion or graduation "Congratulazioni" is almost ideal. "Auguri" is something you could say wishing good luck for an exam (although students would kill anyone saying that since it's said to bring bad luck... "In bocca al lupo" is much better.). "Complimenti" is also ok but it sounds less familiar to my native ears... I believe more examples will follow... :D
  4. Lits New Member

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    Thanks for your help!
  5. Alief Senior Member

    How do you say in Italian the following: Thanks everyone for all the best wishes on our 32nd wedding aniversary. We had a beautiful time" Thanks, Alief
  6. Kraus Senior Member

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    "Grazie a tutti per gli auguri che ci avete fatto per il nostro 32° anniversario di matrimonio. E' stata una festa bellissima"
  7. housecameron

    housecameron Senior Member

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    We had a beautiful time: ci siamo divertiti moltissimo/siamo stati benissimo

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