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    I have a penpal in Finland who will be getting married in a little over a week. I was invited to her wedding but unfortunately cannot make it. I would like to send her a gift along with a card, and to make it extra special, I would like to write a message in Finnish to the happy new couple. Is there a direct equivalent of "Congratulations on your wedding" or some phrase that is commonly used in Finnish to congratulate them on their marriage and wish them a long, happy marriage together?

    Thank you in advance. I greatly appreciate it. :)
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    Hi, CiegoEnamorado

    I don't think there is any commonly used phrase. Some wedding cards have the text Onnea hääparille on them, meaning "Congratulations to the bridal couple". You could alternatively write Onnea häiden johdosta "Congratulations on the wedding (literally: for the wedding).

    If you want a translation of "Congratulations on your wedding. I wish you a long happy marriage together", one possibility would be: Onnittelut häiden johdosta. Toivon teille onnellista ja pitkää avioliittoa.
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    Tokyo, Japan
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    Thank you so much, DrWatson! :)

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