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    I am writing a story (in English) that includes a fictional Jewish synagogue. I would like it to have a name that transcends sectarian lines. I made a list of real congregations and tried translating the Hebrew transliterations (I think it's important to understand what I include), but so many words either have various meanings or the transliteration is not recognized. The guidelines for naming synagogues are different from those of any Christian denomination or I would make up a name myself. Here are some that still look promising. Could someone correct my transliterations and/or translations and/or give me a couple of names that they like? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

    Congregation Y'Israel/Y'Isroel - This was my first choice but I'm not sure of the best spelling or of the exact translation
    Congregation Sha'ar Adonai The Lord's Hair Congregation
    Congregation Ezrath Israel _______ Israel Congregation
    Congregation Shearith Israel Remnant of Israel Congregation
    Congregation Rodeph Sholom Haunted Peace/Pursued Peace Congregation
    Congregation Ohav Sholom Hello Darling/Beloved Peace Congregation
    Congregation B'Nai Israel Builder of Israel Congregation
    Congregation Ansche Chesed _______ Mercy Congregation
    Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun Community _______ Congregation
    Congregation Chasam Sopher Puts _______ Congregation
    Congregation Aderth El Talmud Glory/Magnificence of God's Talmud/the study of God Congregation
    Congregation Beth Israel Daughter of Israel Congregation
    Congregation Orach Chaim Soft Life Congregation
    Congregation Ramath Orah Level and See Congregation
    Congregation Shaare Hatikvah Hope Hair Congregation
    Congregation Beth Elohim Daughter of God Congregation
    Temple Emanu-El God with Us Temple
    Congregation Etz Chaim Tree of Life Congregation
    Congregation Shomrei Emunah _______ Faith Congregation
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    Sha'ar Adonai - Gate of the Lrd?
    Ezrat Israel - Help of Israel
    Bnei Israel - (The) Sons of Israel
    Beit Israel (you wrote Beth) - House/Temple of Israel
    Sha'arei HaTikvah - The gates of hope
    Beit Elohim - (The) house/temple of God
    Etz Chaim - Tree of life (correct)
    Shomrei Emunah - Lit. Keepers/Guarders of faith but perhaps better translated as "the faithful"

    There are plenty of other corrections that could be made but I'm unsure of some without the Hebrew. Since the Hebrew alphabet doesn't map perfectly onto the Roman alphabet, and also due historical pronunciation changes (th is always pronounced t nowadays) there is more than one possible way to spell some of them. Eg. Yisrael Yizrael Yisroel Israel Isroel etc. Beth, beit, bet etc.

    Hope that helps somewhat.
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    The translation software or dictionary you used could use a major update. :) Many of the others are wrong too, including:

    Rodeph Sholom (which one might also see as Rodef Shalom): seeker of peace
    Ohav Sholom (or Ohev Shalom): lover of peace
    Kehilath Jeshurun (Kehilat Yeshurun): Community of Israel (Jeshurun, or Yeshurun, is a poetic biblical name for the people of Israel)
    Chasam Sopher (or Chatam Sofer): named for Rabbi Moshe Sofer of Hungary, c. 1800
    Orach Chaim: Way of Life
    Ramath Orah: Hill of Light, Heights of Light

    Pretty much all of these have been used as names of synagogues. "Beth Israel" is perhaps the most generic.
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    the Hebrew was not spoken or pronounced in the same way everywhere during the history.
    Today, in Israel, we will almost use the Sefaradic pronunciation, though outside Israel- the Ashkenazim will probably keep on using their traditional one.
    Thus the name Israel will be pronounced in Israel as it is written - Israél (s like soft) and elsewhere by the Ashkenazim - Isrúel.
    The th will be pronounced in Israel as t, and elsewhere by the Ashkenazim - as the soft th in English (th like think) or s.
    For example- "Ezrath Israel": we will pronounce here Ezrát Israél and not Ézrath Isrúel (like it is probably pronounced in USA).
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    Ezrath Israel – Court of Israel (this was the courtyard of the public in the Temples).
    Ansche Chesed - People of Mercy
    Adereth El Talmud Torah - Glory of God Study of Torah
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    Sorry about ezrat(h) - it also means 'help of' but in this case it probably means what arbelyoni wrote.

    There is also the Ashkenazi pronunciation of th as s eg. Beis HaMikdash.

    I don't know about the US, but in the UK I see Israeli pronunciation starting to edge out 'traditional' ones such as Ashkenazi. Perhaps people when learning Hebrew now want to know how to speak the way some people do in their everyday lives.
    I reckon Beit Israel is your best bet for the name of your congregation. I don't think it favours any denomination more than the rest but I may stand corrected.

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