Congress established office in 1976


Does "office" here particularly refer to OSTP (the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy)? If so, why not use "the" before office?


For any of that to happen, however, Droegemeier has to find a way to get Trump and his top aides to listen to him. He should first ask the chief executive to name him as an assistant to the president, giving him direct access if Trump does not offer to do so up front. Every head of OSTP has been given this “science advisor” designation since Congress established office in 1976—except when George W. Bush withheld that title from John Marburger and told him he should report to the White House chief of staff.

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    I would read it as since Congress established the office in 1976 -> an office -> an official position, duty.


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    No, not in that context. It appears to be a simple proofreading error.



    I think the "office"refers to the OSTP, which was created in 1976, and which makes the most sense in that context. (But the meaning wouldn't change much either way because the head position was probably created at the same time.)
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