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    Alguien me puede por favor explicar por qué el verbo "conjugar" no se conjuga como el verbo "jugar"?
    Verbos como "mantener, sostener..." que tienen el verbo "tener" en la palabra se conjugan de la misma manera.

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    It has to do with their origin. Jugar is from iocare in Latin. The short 'o' became 'ue' in stressed position: juego, juegas, juega, jugamos, jugáis, juegan. Conjugar comes from coniugare in Latin. The phonological development for the two verbs is different because they are markedly different in Latin.
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    A very good explanation, donbill

    Besides of your remarks, let's say that irregular verbs don't follow the rules as the regular verbs do. When being conjugated, a regular verb modifies only its desinence, while an irregular verb modifies both its root and its desinence. Sometimes the conjugation of some irregular verbs may result surprisingly weird and unexpected.
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    Donbill's explanation is very clear. While classical Latin had 10 vowels, 5 long and 5 short, these developed into only 7 in vular (vulgate) Latin, which ended up as 5 plus the two diphthongs in Spanish: ie from short e and ue from short o. This is exemplified nicely by the verb poder with both ue and o in its present tense conjugation.

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