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Hello all!

I am learning the conjunctiv mood. It seems to me as there are two types to this mood: prezent and perfect. I have couple things I wanted to ask you all related to the latter:

1) Correct me if I am wrong: so the conjunctiv perfect is used when the main clause is in past tense, am I correct? Or can we still use the conjunctiv prezent in this case?
E.g. I started to mow the lawn.

Am început să fi cosit peluza.

2) How does conjunctiv perfect work with reflexive verbs?
E.g. I started to watch the TV.

Am început să fi mă uitat la televizorul.

Thank you all!
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    Generally, you need to have the Perfect Aspect in both sentences:
    1. Aş fi vrut fi cosit peluza. (a wish that has not been accomplished)
    I would have liked to ...
    But you also say: PT - Past Conjunctive
    2. Era bine să fi ajuns acolo la timp.
    If only I could have got there in time. (regret of not reaching...)

    We have Present and Past Conjunctive.
    Am început uit la TV. - it's the Present Conjunctive.


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    @irinet Thanks! So how does a reflexive verb look in past conjunctive?
    Aş fi vrut fi mă uitat la TV. --> is this a correct structure?
    (I would've liked to watch the TV)

    EDIT: What is the infinitive of "aş"? Nvm it's a avea. :)
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    For the sake of consistency - it's not a direct translation but the message and the verbs' tenses are about the same.

    Aș fi vrut să mă fi uitat -> I would have liked to could have watched