Conmigo te pelastes

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by SEA91, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. SEA91 Senior Member

    Bahasa Malaysia
    How do I say " conmigo te pelastes" in English? Is "you have wronged me" correct?
  2. simonitov Senior Member

    Hampshire, UK
    English - British
    Do you mean "conmigo te PELEASTE" or "conmigo te PELASTE" ? Or neither?
  3. flljob

    flljob Senior Member

    México español
    En Mëxico existe otra posibilidad: conmigo te la pelaste.

    ¿Qué querrás decir?
  4. SEA91 Senior Member

    Bahasa Malaysia
    Sorry, I mispelled it. I meant "conmigo te PELASTE".
  5. Bonz Senior Member

    Seattle, WA
    Mexican-Spanish, U.S. English, Spanglish
    Hmmm. Pelaste is to peel, or to shave hair off. Is that you you're trying to say? In Mexican argot you can also, as flljob has stated use it to say you've screwed me over. but until you know what you mean, yourself, we can only guess?
  6. alexcarr Senior Member

    SEA91 is talking about something like: "you've lost the plot with me"

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