connect to/with a flight

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"The group of new recruits arrived Tuesday afternoon in Dallas from New Orleans to connect to a flight to Chicago. "

I looked "connect" up in my dictionary. It gave me some examples with "to connect with ...". I couldn't find any with "to connect to.." as in the example above.

Is that example above correct? Do people sometimes use "to" instead of "with"?
  • Lexiphile

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    I wonder, Wookie, what dictionary you use.

    I would almost always say connect to rather than connect with.

    But come to think of it, connect with seems to have an American ring to it. Is your dictionary AE?


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    I think it's not correct. When talking about flights, it's used "connect with". I've never heard "connect to".
    Maybe it might be used in a colloquial way, but that sentence is not a colloquial one, so there may be a mistake.
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