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A: I 'd like a ticket to NewYork from Honolulu on July 10th.
B: We have Hawaiian flight 50 for $700.
A: Is that a non-stop, or a connecting flight?

I'm not sure if “connecting flight” sounds smooth in this sentence.

It any part of the sentence sound strange, please let me know how you would say it.

Thank you.
  • Florentia52

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    If you fly from Honolulu to San Francisco, change planes in San Francisco, and then fly on to New York, your San Francisco-New York flight is your connecting flight. I don't think the phrase can be used to describe a whole journey that involves more than one flight segment.

    It should be adequate simply to ask "Is that a non-stop flight?" Otherwise, you would have to ask "Is that a non-stop flight, or do I have to make a connection somewhere?"


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    If there are only two possible options, why waste words trying to ask about both? And why risk an unhelpful answer?
    Q. Is it a non-stop flight?
    A. Yes. (Oh, good)
    A. No. (Bother, I'll have to change somewhere)

    Q. Is it a boy or a girl?
    A. Yes. (True - were you expecting something different? A borl, perhaps?)


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    Thank you, Florentina52 for your great answer with an example!
    Thank you, Andygc!