connecting form of an organization and its department, etc.


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Suppose that there is an organization, named "Institute of National Traffic Service," and one of its divisions is named "Railway Division."

I have two questions:

1. Is the form of [organization + its division] such as Institute of National Traffic Service Railway Division acceptable?

2. How should I treat articles ('a' & 'the') in the following case?
"This is Michael, (an) assistant manager, (the) Railway Division, (the) Institute of National Traffic Service.
Are the articles to be dropped or kept?
  • Egmont

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    The first article, an, is used if there are several assistant managers of the Railway Division. If there is only one, use the or no article at all.

    The second article, the, is required. Since it is difficult to hear a comma in speech, we would add of: "assistant manager of the Railway Division."

    The third article, the, is also required. For the same reason, I would also add of - or, to vary the phrasing, in.

    Ann O'Rack

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    1. I would probably insert a comma: Institute of National Traffic Service, Railway Division

    2. If you keep "an", you are implying that he is one of several assistant managers. If you remove "an", you are just giving his title - there may or may not be other assistant managers.
    I would also remove the first comma and optionally remove the second.

    This is Michael, (an) assistant manager, in the Railway Division(,) at the Institute of National Traffic Service.


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    Thank you both.

    But I have another question to Ann.

    If I express "Institute of National Traffic Service, Railway Division," isn't it understood reversely as if the Institute is affiliated to the division?
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